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Have you thought about how you will fulfill the SUA mission to be global citizens committed to living a contributive life?

  • Will you contribute to the world by attending grad school and becoming an educator? 
  • Will you become a Foreign Service officer, so that you can impact diplomacy around the world?
  • Will you join the Peace Corps so that you can impact developing nations?  How about working for the greater good in non-profit or for a human rights NGO? 
  • Or will you impact others through a career in business or the arts?

Any of the career avenues described above offer a chance to live a "contributive life."  How can you ensure that you will have the chance to reach your dream and impact the world?

First and foremost, you must prepare early by first understanding yourself and what abilities and interests you have while identifying the areas in which you will make the greatest impact.

Then, you must know what steps to take to lead you in the direction of your goals.

Career exploration and development are important aspects of your college experience.  Your Career Services office has many resources to help you navigate this process so that you will be better prepared for success after Soka.  Make an appointment today at www.collegecentral.com/soka

Yearly Checklist

Researching careers is one of the best ways to get a better understanding of what careers might be a good fit with your skills and interests. The Ikeda Library houses a collection of resources which are featured in the Career Resources LibGuide.

The internet is also a great source for career research.  Below are some links to help you explore.


Job Search Resources

If you are actively looking for your first career job and/or identifying organizations in which you may want to work, the following are links to job and internship postings:


NGO/Non-profit jobs located nationally and internationally


Federal government jobs in all fields of interest


Non-profit agency websites


List of United Nations affiliate job websites


Jobs with the US Department of State-Including Foreign Service Officer


Jobsite for US PIRG (U.S. Public Interest Research Group).


Local and national jobs in all industries


Entry level local and national jobs


General job posting website


International career information and job listings

Internship sites


Washington DC Internships


Federal government internships in many fields