Residential Life Team

The Residential Life professional staff serve as a support TEAM working closely with residents to create a hall environment in which optimal student learning and personal development can be achieved.    

Michelle Hobby-Mears, Director of Residential Life and Student Activities

The Assistant Director of Student Programs works closely with the Residential Life staff on co-curriculum programming for the residential community.

Lisa Deiser, Assistant Director of Residential Operations and Planning


The Residence Hall Coordinators (RHC) provide leadership and supervision. As live on staff, their responsibilities include supporting residents' needs, supervising the RAs, managing hall facilities, coordinating co-curricular programs, and advising the Residence Hall Association. The RHCs are available to assist in all matters.

Andy Lyum, Residence Hall Coordinator

Ruby Nagashima, Residence Hall Coordinator

Jaime Dance, Residence Hall Coordinator

Julie Jackson, Residence Hall Coordinator

2017-2018 Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) have a unique opportunity to positively impact our residence halls by working with residents and the Residential Life staff members. RAs function as community guardian, a resource, programmer, supporter and friend. RAs operate the front office during evening office hours assisting residents with checkout, maintenance or service requests and in any other area of need. RAs organize educational hall programs for the benefit of the student community as well as assist the staff when conflicts or crisis arise within the community.

Arslan Kasimov - RA serving Sunrise Hall 300

Harumi Endo - RA serving Sunrise Hall 300

Yoshimi Nakazato - RA serving Abeona Hall 305

Chhusang Sherpa - RA serving Aurora Hall 310

Shantoria Taylor - RA serving Horizon Hall 315

Ayari Torres-Reyes - RA serving Umoja Hall 370

Amrita Sood - RA serving Minuteman Hall 375

Jessica Stockey - RA serving Sunset Hall 380

Hideki Ohashi - RA serving Sunset Hall 380

Hideaki "Steve" Yasue - RA serving Somnus Hall 385

The Faculty in Residence Program is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know faculty outside of the traditional classroom environment. The Faculty Resident (FIR) lives in the residence halls to support the students whether in their adjustment to campus life or assistance with their studies.

Tetsushi Ogata, Faculty Resident 2017-2018
Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies