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Residence Halls

Soka University of America offers housing in eight residence halls, all of which were named by the SUA student resident community:

Sunrise Hall 300
Houses 96 Residents
Named for its distinct vantage point in capturing each beautiful sunrise
Abeona Hall 305
Houses 39 residents
Named after the Guardian and Protector of children leaving home
Aurora Hall 310
Houses 44 residents
Named after the Roman goddess of dawn and for its stunning city views
Horizon Hall 315
Houses 60 residents
Named for the junction of earth and sky as it sits at the edge of the residential community and affords an unobstructed view of the Top of the World Laguna
Sunset Hall 380
Houses 96 residents
Named for the commanding view of spectacular sunsets
Somnus Hall 385
Houses 39 residents
Named after the God of sleep and dreams
Umoja Hall 370
Houses 44 residents
(ooh-MOE-jah) An African word meaning UNITY, aptly named to characterize the spirit of the residential community
Minuteman Hall 375
Houses 60 residents
Named after the residence hall on the former Calabasas campus


Exterior of Residence Halls


Double Layout         Suite Layout

Resident's Room

The university provides the following items in resident's rooms:

  • Twin sized bed
  • Mattress
  • Desk with hutch
  • Chair
  • Wardrobe closet
  • Trashcan/Recycle bin
  • Plunger
  • Cisco IP Phone

We expect you to make your room feel comfortable. Residents may rearrange the furniture within the room to suit your tastes. All university furniture however must remain in the room. Please understand that if you rearrange your furniture, you must return it to its original location prior to check-out of the residence halls.

Life in the Halls

The residence hall community has trained, full time live-in professional staff members responsible for coordinating and overseeing hall activities including programming, advising on academic and personal concerns, supervising and coordinating student staff, and overseeing daily operations. All staff members are readily available to residents and a staff member is on call at all times.

Theme Housing

Residence Hall Room Picture

Theme Housing is an intentionally designed living experience centered around a variety of academic, cultural, organization, and personal interests.

Scholar's Peak is a themed community where the focus is on assisting first year students who are interested in developing and practicing leadership skills and styles, as well as exploring service opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding community. Scholar's Peak is a unique, vibrant community which allows residents the opportunity to complement their education with opportunities to develop interests, enhance personal relationships, and create connections with faculty and staff.

"Hall life provides me with the benefit of living with many friends and watching them study hard; it encourages and motivates me to study harder and harder."  

-Masao Ogawa, class of 2012

The goals of Scholar's Peak are:

*To become active citizens of Scholar's Peak

*To create a specific living/learning community dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual stimulation

*To establish a mentor/mentee relationship with the faculty in residence

*To engage in learning beyond the classroom environment


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