Residential Life Guide

As a living-learning community, the Residential Life program at Soka University of America, plays a significant role in campus life. The cooperation which exists within the community between students, Residential Life staff and the Faculty in Residence effectively fosters a culture which values development and the advancement of knowledge. As important are community members sharing a common concern for individuals and in their growth and development. Consequently students are expected to recognize and respect the principles and standards set forth in the policies listed for community living.  As community members, students are accountable for any action which is in conflict with the policies outlined and would be subject to disciplinary action. When a community policy is violated, there is an impact upon the community. The enforcement of policy becomes necessary when citizens of the community operate outside of the community’s welfare.  

Information represents an abbreviated segment of residence hall policies at Soka University of America. Residence hall policies may be subject to change.  

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2018-2019 Undergraduate Residential Life Guide

Accommodation Statement for Service and Assistance Animals