Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP)

The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is a student-initiated and student-run project at Soka University of America (SUA). Project members engage in the study, research, and exhibition of Soka Education as a unique educational philosophy.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of SESRP is to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education; to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education; and, to encourage a thorough understanding of the philosophy of its three founders. 
—to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education
—to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education
—to encourage thorough and rigorous research into the meaning, possibilities and development of Soka Education
— to establish Soka Education as an acknowledged field of research 
— to develop a centralized source and venue for information and discussion on Soka Education
— to build and maintain relationships with other institutions to promote Soka Education

For more information on Soka Education, please visit the Soka University of America's Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda Library LibGuides on Soka Education.

2017-2018 Leaders:

SESRP group photo 2017-2018

Conference Coordinators:

Risa Nakayama

Risa Nakayama, Class of 2018

I used to have little interest in education. However, the previous year's SESRP team gave me opportunities to learn that education is not just an academic field but an important component of life that shapes us and our society as a whole. Soka education I have received in high school and at this university has definitely changed my life, and I would like to contribute to the community that strives for the expansion and development of Soka education. Education for empowerment! #SESRP

Amrita Sood

Amrita Sood, Class of 2020

I am Amrita Sood and am from New Delhi, India. As a Soka University student, I am passionate and deeply interested in learning about this unique value-creating pedagogy. Soka or value-creating education plays a crucial role in my life. Soka Education Conference is a great opportunity for expansion and research about Soka Education. I see myself as an active advocate of Soka Education who has tremendous faith and hope to bring a change in the future.  With this year's theme of "Cultivating Civic Engagement through Value-Creation Pedagogy" I am excited to learn about different and diverse applications of Soka Education. 


Mehal Advani

Mehak Advani, Class of 2020

Today, everyone is seeking for peace and happiness in life. There’s so much fear and insecurity in the minds of people, that one’s capacity to handle challenging situations has weakened. The level of expectations has risen and number of nervous breakdowns has tremendously increased. Being a part of SESRP, I am determined to empower our society and spread this vibrant value- creation framework. Moreover, upholding SUA’s vision, SESRP has always been committed to creating a world where wars will come to an end and peace will shine once again!

Kenta Kuwano

Kenta Kuwano, Class of 2018

Hello everyone! I am Kenta Kuwano, a fourth-year student at Soka. I served the SESRP as a conference coordinator two years ago, and I am one of the three SESRP coordinators this year. As this will be my final year at Soka, I decided to join the SESRP to contribute to the development of Soka education, which I have received for 10 years, through our activities. Furthermore, I would like to learn about Soka pedagogy more to fully understand my mission as a Soka student. #SESRP

Yoshimi Nakazato

Yoshimi Nakazato, Class of 2020

Hello, I am Yoshimi Nakazato from Tokyo, Japan.  I have received Soka Education from my elementary school until now at Soka University of America. I found this student organization, SESRP, as one of the opportunities to give back to Soka schools as well as to deepen my understanding of the Soka pedagogy that Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda, and the SUA founder Daisaku Ikeda have established. With the gratitude for all the individuals who have supported SUA and have allowed us to be part of this SUA community, we will do our best to organize a valuable conference in this February. 

Study Leaders:

Lucas Houle

Lucas "Yuuki" Houle, Class of 2018

Hello, I’m Lucas “Yuuki” Houle hailing from a rainy town in Washington State. When I was a kid, my parents ran me through a few non-traditional schools where I fortunate to find my passion for creating inspiring stories and art early in life. After suffering through traditional public schools in the following years  (grades 6-12) I knew I wanted something different again in my college. SUA, through its unique human-centered education system, built on the ideas ingrained in me back in those k-5 days. Education, particularly Soka Education, focuses on unlocking bridges to other countries, to other people, other cultures, to entirely new ways of seeing. And, perhaps most important of all, to building an amazing, compassionate you, a value creator. That’s what Soka means in Japanese, “value-creation.” And that’s what I’m here to study. How do we create value, humanistic value, in our daily actions, in our communities, in the world? Let’s find out!

Hinako Irei

Hinako Irei, Class of 2020

Reading about Soka education is like reading a love letter for humanity. As a study leader, I have the joy to creatively share this beautiful pedagogy with my fellow Soka students through our Lion’s Circle meetings, and contribute to the protection of the core purpose of this organization. Daisaku Ikeda says, “When one woman rises up passionately and courageously to pursue her calling with her entire being, her community and the entire region begin to change. She sparks a tangible shift in the consciousness of the times.” I am motivated and ready to make a difference with my capable SESRP members and I will enjoy the process.

Kaito Morita

Kaito Morita, Class of 2018

I joined SESRP because I deeply appreciate this value-creating philosophy of Soka Education for shaping who I am today. The founder of SUA, Daisaku Ikeda encourages students: “For what purpose should one cultivate wisdom. May you always ask this question!” As he reminds me of the purpose of learning, Soka Education enables me to learn with determination to apply wisdom to contribute to community, society and the world.

Miki Tanahashi

Miki Tanahashi, Class of 2020

Hello everyone! My name is Miki Tanahashi and I am a proud New Yorker! After moving coast to coast and spending my first year as an SUA student, I realized the power and potential of education —specifically, Soka Education. It’s not only academics that both challenge and encourage me, but everything, from extracurricular activities to appreciation for diversity. The remarkable thing is that Soka Pedagogy has yet to be properly defined and the benefits I’ve been fortunate enough to attain from being a student involved with “Soka Education” has been beyond words. I like to think that we’re in the middle of making some amazing history. I hope you’ll join us in this movement toward “the happiness of the learner”!

Tomoaki Uehara

Tomoaki Uehara, Class of 2018

Having experienced Soka education in different contexts, in Japan at the high school level and in the U.S. at the undergraduate level, I became interested in exploring the possibility of application of Soka pedagogy in various fields and contexts. Also, over the past three years I’ve been here, I have realized that we students are not mere recipients of Soka education, but we are participants of Soka’s educational experiment in which we, along with faculties and staff, are involved in the making of SUA. Through SESRP, I want to contribute to SUA by learning about Soka education together with other students and inspiring them to practice Soka pedagogy in daily life.

Outreach Committee: 

Hinako Kishino

Hinako Kishino, Class of 2018

Having received Soka education for the past 10 years, I appreciate how it transformed me being self-centered into an individual who wants to contribute to the happiness of others. I am interested in the potentials of Soka education and human education. Especially, I want to learn how Soka's educational philosophies and practices affect students' inner growth and transformation. As a first generation of the outreach committee, I am so excited to have dialogues with the SUA community and people outside Soka to learn and explore educators' roles. 

Hideki Ohashi

Hideki Ohashi

I love Soka education! I love SESRP! There are my lovely comrades in this team! I believe that education can change the roots of various social issues. Since my dream is becoming a social entrepreneur who can contribute to education, all my learning and activities at SESRP are treasures for me. In SESRP, I mainly focus on making connections with people who don’t know much about Soka education. Each one of us has different ideas and strengths, so I want to have dialogues about education with many people! I can’t wait to talk to YOU!!!

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