Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP)

The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is a student-initiated and student-run project at Soka University of America (SUA). Project members engage in the study, research, and exhibition of Soka Education as a unique educational philosophy.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of SESRP is to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education; to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education; and, to encourage a thorough understanding of the philosophy of its three founders. 
—to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education
—to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education
—to encourage thorough and rigorous research into the meaning, possibilities and development of Soka Education
— to establish Soka Education as an acknowledged field of research 
— to develop a centralized source and venue for information and discussion on Soka Education
— to build and maintain relationships with other institutions to promote Soka Education

For more information on Soka Education, please visit the Soka University of America's Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda Library LibGuides on Soka Education.

2018-2019 Leaders:

Conference Coordinators:

Ryan Nakazaki, Class of 2019

I am Ryan Nakazaki, a local of Honolulu, Hawaii. For the past three years, I have had the fortune of being a student of Soka education, a humanistic pedagogy to which I attribute a great deal of my personal growth and development. It is clear that with the current state and condition of society in which ideologies clash and divide people, defining and sharing ideas of humanistic education cannot be timelier. I am excited to work together with other SESRP leaders to organize next year’s conference and to further advance and promote Soka education research, its applications, and other humanistic educational ideas.

MacKenzie Kermoade, Class of 2019

My name is MacKenzie Kermoade and I’m one of the 2019 Conference Coordinators! As an environmentalist and naturalist with OC Parks, I am particularly interested in the human policies that influence the natural world. Sustainability is a multi-dimensional issue that involves people, planet, and profit, and I recognize that interdisciplinary institutions like SUA are vital in educating the world’s future environmental leaders. Soka Education is creative, humanistic, and globally-minded, and I hope to discover through this process how it can promote a more just and sustainable world.


Sophie Hasuo, Class of 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Sophie and I am a fourth-year student!  Two years ago I had the honor of serving as a Conference Coordinator, and this year I am very proud to be a Coordinator! I believe that education (specifically Soka education) can change the world!  The experiences I’ve had here at SUA will forever be precious treasures in my life. I want to give back to the school that has empowered me to make positive contributions in this world for a more humanistic future.  Let’s deepen our understanding of Soka Education together!

Takumi (Brian) Hirayama, Class of 2019

My name is Brian and I am a fourth year student at Soka. Since my first year, I have been very interested in SESRP and deepening the philosophy of Soka Education because I can say that without soka education, I would not have been myself. Since junior high school, I have been actually receiving soka education, which made me realize my life mission and my future goal. As a student of Soka University of America, I would like to deepen my thoughts of this amazing philosophy and express my appreciation towards soka education through this significant role of SESRP as a coordinator.

Study Leaders:

Miyuki Nakagawa, Class of 2019

I was fortunate enough to go from Soka Junior High School in Tokyo through SUA. I realized that even though Soka education is an important element that has shaped who I am today, I realized I don't know what it exactly. Through study in this student project, I would like to be able to explain to other people what Soka education means to me.

Nobuyo (Guts) Ogawa, Class of 2019

I am Guts, class of 2019. Soka education has taught me valuable principles in life than just what we learn from textbooks and has always encouraged me to contribute to the society and to become a better person. When I went to study abroad in Senegal last semester, I had a chance to teach children and reflect on my educational values. There, I realized that Soka education is somewhat unique that it made me think about more than what I can teach in classroom. However, I could not articulate what makes it unique. To have a better understanding of Soka education and to be able to act upon Soka principles as an educator in the future, I would like to learn more about Soka education as a study leader and encourage others to reflect on their Soka education experience.

Benyasiri (Siri) EimviriyapongClass of 2021

Coming to SOKA, I dreamt of being able to step into the shoes of another person, into a world completely different from mine, just to understand one person. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I grew up in a somewhat homogenous society and did not attend schools that provided an education like Soka. That is why I appreciate and believe that Soka Education is the most unique and profound foundation a person could seek for themselves, especially with classrooms being the center of dialogue. I believe SESRP’s Lion’s Circle meeting is the perfect place for free and open dialogue within this value-creating education. Being an SESRP study leader allows me to live my dream of connecting with a wider more diverse set of people and hopefully –with the environment like Soka– create a ripple effect of capable individuals ready to fight for the cause of world peace.

Outreach Committee: 

Kazuna Nakaya, Class of 2021

Hello! My name is Kazuna Nakaya, and I am from Hyogo, Japan. I used to have little interest in education. Although I have received Soka Education in junior high and high school, it was very difficult to explain Soka Education in my own words. However, joining SESRP, I was able to deepen my understanding of Soka Education and became interested in education. Social Outreach Committee focuses on making connections with those who are not familiar with Soka Education and increasing people’s awareness of Soka Education. I would like to help people developing clear idea of Soka Education.

Chie Sakamoto, Class of 2021

I believe Soka Education Student Research Project is the heart of SUA because it is the only committee that focuses on Soka education at SUA. I am very sure that the role of SESRP Social Outreach Committee is very important as we outreach to people who are on-campus and off-campus. As this committee has established last year, I feel so excited about the potential of Social Outreach Committee. What I would like to do as a leader is to create an environment where all the members can trust each other, share their ideas, and take action!

Roy Brunson, Class of 2021

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