Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP)

The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is a student-initiated and student-run project at Soka University of America (SUA). Project members engage in the study, research, and exhibition of Soka Education as a unique educational philosophy.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of SESRP is to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education; to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education; and to encourage a thorough understanding of the philosophy of its three founders. 
—to inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education
—to create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education
—to encourage thorough and rigorous research into the meaning, possibilities and development of Soka Education
— to establish Soka Education as an acknowledged field of research 
— to develop a centralized source and venue for information and discussion on Soka Education
— to build and maintain relationships with other institutions to promote Soka Education

For more information on Soka Education, please visit the Soka University of America's Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda Library LibGuides on Soka Education:

2016-2017 Leaders:

SESRP leaders

Conference Coordinators:


Sophie Hasuo, Class of 2019

I love education! I firmly believe education is the starting point for peace, and is a fundamental part of our society.  Education is a life-long process that continues to enable people to grow and develop as human beings.  I joined SESRP because I am passionate about Soka pedagogy, and I want to develop my understanding of the ideals behind SUA.  Through SESRP and the 13th Annual Soka Education Conference I hope to learn more about how Soka Education can be implemented in other academic disciplines and our lives! #SESRP


Jun Iyoda, Class of 2019

Hello! My name is Jun Iyoda from Class of 2019. I joined SESRP because it is a great opportunity for me to learn about Soka education as a student. I went to Soka kindergarten, junior high, and high school. Although I have received Soka education for 10 years, I am still seeking what Soka education truly means. Personally, as a transgender student, I want to learn how Soka education is applied to gender topic. I am really excited to hear other’s opinions, share our thoughts, and explore Soka education with each one of you. #SESRP



Cassidy Bradford, Class of 2017

If you know me, you know that I'm passionate about Soka Education! Before I was even admitted to SUA, I attended the annual Soka Education Conference. After becoming a student, I contributed as a conference coordinator in 2015 and participated in an on-campus Learning Cluster on the educational philosophies of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Daisaku Ikeda. These experiences helped me to deepen my appreciation for the profundity of Soka Education and recognize its connection to my life. This year, I am serving as an SESRP coordinator in the hopes of facilitating a means for SUA students to explore how they can practice value-creation in their lives and education.  #SESRP 


Kaori Tsuji, Class of 2017

I am Kaori Tsuji, a fourth year student at Soka University of America. As a recipient of Soka education, I truly believe that Soka's value creation philosophy can foster critical thinking and empower students to believe in their own potential. I decided to join SESRP because I have been wondering, questioning, and seeking the meaning of the education that I'm receiving. Through the annual Soka education conference and other activities, I hope that my fellow students as well as community members can have more opportunities to ponder about the significance and roles of Soka pedagogy in the society. #SESRP 


Sofia Dugas, Class of 2019

My name is Sofia Dugas and I am a second year student at Soka. Before attending the Soka Education conference last year, I knew hardly anything about Soka Education. I became fascinated with all the ideas that were being presented on–I attended every workshop, panel, and speaker that I could. I learned that Soka is pedagogy, a way of life, and a profound philosophy practiced and studied around the world. This summer, I visited the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, I discovered a wondrous library filled with all sorts of books on education and peace work, two areas that I have been passionately involved in since youth. I began reading and I couldn’t stop. I filled up journals with the brilliant ideas of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda, Daisaku Ikeda, and other educational reformers such as Paulo Freire and Maria Montessori. I believe Soka Education has immense potential for helping create a more peaceful and just society compromised of positive, strong-minded and strong-willed individuals. #SESRP #AMOVEMENT

Study Leaders:


Hideto "HIddy" Akasu, Class of 2017

What’s good everybody!! I’m Hideto Akasu representing Musashino, Japan. My roots are my education—Soka Education. It has formed who I am today and always inspires me to strive for who I want to be tomorrow. As such, education should never exist for anybody but students themselves. Aiming at each student’s happiness, education should be, I believe, a path for true liberation of students. I hope each of you will learn something out of Soka Education Conference and share your wisdom with people around you! Let us change the world, together. VAMOS!! #SESRP


Miku Nishimura, Class of 2017

I took Professor Jason Goular's learning cluster about "Educational Philosophies and Practices of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Daisaku Ikeda" at the last winter block. By taking this course, I thought it would be great if other SUA students also have more opportunities of learning Soka Pedagogy while experiencing Soka education at SUA. So that I decided to join SESRP as a study leader to hold more interesting meetings which can evoke SUA students' curiosity toward Soka Pedagogy. #SESRP!!


Miyuki "Kotono" Horiguchi, Class of 2019

My name is Miyuki Horiguchi and I am currently a second-year student. I decided to join SESRP because I would like to deepen my understanding of Soka Education by learning what Soka Education is and how to apply it into my everyday life situations. Through SESRP activities, I would like to become one capable person who can continue to pursue and share the significance of Soka Education for individual life happiness. #SESRP

2017 Soka Education Conference Live Stream