Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government

The Soka Student Union (SSU) is the undergraduate student body of Soka University. Every undergraduate student at the university is a member of SSU. As a governing body, SSU is composed of voting members. SSU provides the student-body with activities and a forum to discuss school issues. SSU plays a leading role with clubs and organizations. SSU also administers grants awarded to individual students and/or student groups to assist projects. The elected officers will assist in the facilitation of student elections, manage the budget for student activities and represent the student body in university governance committees.  

The Soka Student Union (SSU) Executive Council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Attorney General who are elected by the student body at the end of each academic year. It is the administrative body that coordinates and supports activities of the SSU and SSU standing departments and committees. Its major function also includes representing the entire student body and ensuring that their voices are heard and reflected in all levels of the university decision making process.

2018-2019 Executive Council:

Ryan Nakazaki ('19), President

Tamires da Silva ('19), Vice-President

Nobuyo "Guts" Ogawa ('19), Secretary

Khai Phyn Teo ('19), Treasurer

Esat Tunagur ('19), Attorney General